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Introduction of a template "Used by" at
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With the WMF template "OnWikimedia" extensions are marked which are used in one or more Wikimedia projects. This template shows the visitor: "This probably means that the "extension" is stable and works well enough to be used by such high-traffic websites."

For other extensions that are outside of the WMF context (e.g. in bundles, distributions, maybe even in larger websites or wiki farms which are contibuting extensions to the ecosystem) and that are elementary for the use of MediaWiki outside of Wikipedia & Co (e.g. LDAP stack, Semantic MediaWiki, Page forms) there is no corresponding note.

From a previous discussion on it follows that there is an interest and need for such a template. This ticket serves as an informal RfC to come to a decision, if such a template should be introduced.

With the help of such a template the visitor of an extension page can see at first sight that

  • the extension is "mission critical" or "best breed" in certain contexts,
  • the function is operational and its basic function is tested ("runs for me"),
  • that its functionality is at least probably, if not guaranteed with other extensions and
  • that through these projects additional people can be found who can remove incompatibilities, contribute patches or function extensions if necessary.

Further goals are:

  • To bring projects and their developers together,
  • to stimulate standardization,
  • promote a better understanding of which extensions need to be considered when technological structures change, or
  • which extensions require continuous maintainers


  • This template also (intentionally) advertises projects and (less intentionally) commercial providers. So the basic question is how much space commercial organizations should be given on and if this template exceeds a limit here.
  • There is also the possibility to draw conclusions about the spread of extensions from WikiApiary and Grafana
  • The question of relevance criteria (which project should be named) is difficult to answer. Conceivable are minimum criteria such as installation numbers, download and visitor numbers.

Some design rules

  • Order is randomized.
  • Maintainers of an extension can of course refuse to use the template on their page.

Decision-making process


  • Here are drafts how such a template could look like.
  • There have already been initial discussions on (see link above). The discussion group will now be expanded.

The following questions are to be discussed:

  • Will this template get support (esp. extension developers on the one hand and distributors on the other hand)?
  • If so, are the current design rules sufficient or is something still missing?

Support or rejection for the introduction of such a template can be marked by assigning tokens.

I ask for feedback on this until 30.9.2020. If there is no sufficient support from the distributions and bundles or a rejection from the developer and, the project will not be pursued further. If the mood is positive, the template could be ready by the end of October.

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RHeigl updated the task description. (Show Details)

I think this template is a good idea. My only comment is that I don't think the order of wikis/companies/etc. should be randomized - I think they should always be in alphabetical order.

I'm removing MediaWiki-Documentation as this does not seem to be about documentation in the MediaWiki core code repo but about a template on a website.
Also wondering if this might be under MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group ?

Is there an example of this somewhere on mw.o so we can see how it works?