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☂Communication about the content partnership initiative
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Share the work we are doing to coordinate and develop the Movement's capacity around content partnerships and our hope and intention to become a thematic hub in the future.

Target groups
The main target audience at this point is the GLAMwiki community, secondary audiences are partners and the wider free knowledge and FOSS movements.

Main goal with communication
The communication should help reduce the complexity of what a thematic hub could be doing and what we see as possible areas of work, e.g. networking, experimentation, capacity building, funding, maintenance etc.

Main messages
Our sincerity of being a global player need to be highlighted. We might not try to tackle some problems in e.g. the Global south, but we are interested to learn and understand them and would like to involved and highly coordinated.

That we are interested doesn't mean that we will be the ones doing it in the end, but we should share our initial thinking and ideas for feedback and to engage more actors in the work. Concrete examples of our ideas will help to make the initiative easier to grasp and for more people to engage from the start.

We are starting to have an idea what we want to do, but we know want to hear the thoughts from all of you.

Platforms and process

  • The material will be added to
  • The discussions will initially take place in Google Drive documents with selected GLAMwiki community members and affiliates that have a strong interest in the specific topic area
  • The updated material will then be published on wiki for a broader consultation (email sent to email lists, to partner organizations etc.) and ones again reworked together with the community
  • Statements of interests to be involved in different capacities will be collected from organizations and individuals
  • The material will be translated into more languages with the help from volunteers