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Statistics on dwell time and multimedia interaction with Wikipedia articles
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From the parent task: We're curious about whether we could measure dwell time (and link clicking within an article) and plot it against the number and type of media file, and maybe control for article length - e.g. so we can determine that a person is x% more likely to click links or files in an article if it has >3 images.

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As far as I know, there is not any live instrumentation that would allow us to measure this. The SearchSatisfaction schema measures dwell time, but requires the user to reach a page through an on-wiki search, and we know that's not representative of how visitors reach us.

The Structured Data team should reach out to @jlinehan to learn more about the session length project and the session_tick schema, and whether that can be modified/extended to measure dwell time on a per-page basis.

kzimmerman moved this task from Triage to Tracking on the Product-Analytics board.
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Adding @sdkim as well: here's a request for dwell time and clicks on articles, which we don't track across pageviews.

@CBogen @Ramsey-WMF I'm unassigning Morten from this task since it's not doable without extensive instrumentation changes, and moving this to our Tracking column in case it's picked up for instrumentation.