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Measure how multimedia content is added to Wikipedia articles
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From the parent task: What are the vectors for how multimedia content gets added to Wikipedia articles? Is it Visual Editor, direct Wikitext editing, or bots? We have dashboards for this information for edits in general but it's not granular enough for us to distinguish multimedia additions.

We'd also like to explore whether we can differentiate media that was uploaded as part of the edit versus media that is searched for via image search in VE. See @nettrom_WMF's comment in T266067#6634887:

There's an open question about whether we should differentiate between uploads and adding media. I think that depends on how uploads are logged by MediaWiki. If a user uploads two files through VE and adds them into an article, does that show up as two file uploads and one edit in the system? Are those uploads tagged in a way that makes them easy to separate from uploads outside of VE? Depending on how easy they are to identify, we might not need to do something specific about them.

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Based on my conversations with @cchen and @mpopov it looks like this will not be straightforward to do any time soon. If we're interested in understanding this based on existing edits we'll need to extract and process diffs between revisions.

If the Structured Data team is interested in tracking this moving forward, implementing an edit tag for edits that add multimedia content should be considered as that allows easy visualization in Superset & Turnilo, and analysis through various tables in the Data Lake.

kzimmerman closed this task as Declined.Oct 19 2020, 4:16 PM

@Ramsey-WMF @CBogen based on the high time investment needed to get historical data we're going to decline this. If this would be important going forward, your team should discuss possible instrumentation to make it more feasible.

CBogen reopened this task as Open.Oct 20 2020, 1:07 PM

@kzimmerman, do you mind if I reopen? I'd like to explore adding the possible instrumentation (perhaps the edit tag as @nettrom_WMF mentioned above). I don't have a timeline on it, but I'd like to at least keep this open. Maybe you can put it in tracking like you did with T265772? Otherwise feel free to take it off your boards and we'll just keep it on ours for now.

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@CBogen no problem! I'm going to reassign it to you and move it to tracking.

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