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Conduct community logo vote for Wikifunctions
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What is the problem?

Wikifunctions has no logo. The community should come up with one.

How can we help you?

Conduct a community logo proposal and vote contest.

What does success look like?

Wikifunctions has a logo that the community is happy with.

What is your deadline?

It would be good to have the logo by April or May 2021.

Event Timeline

Added link from Abstract Wikipedia/Wikifunctions logo concept (in the timeline section) to this Phabricator task

Note that the timeline on the wiki sets earlier dates than the description above. May be we should give more time (one month?) to submission on the wiki, to align it with this project plan. There's still not a lot of translations, and lack of discussions.

Designing logos is a complex and lengthy process for most contributors, and we need to promote this logo page a bit more over other wikis (for now it's known only to a few Meta-Wiki users).

Notably, there should be an announcement in the "Technical News", which has lots of Tech Ambassadors receiving/translating them across many/most wikis (including on Commons where proposed logos can be uploaded, and where there are lot of skilled graphists). Then these amabassadors can work out annoucing it on several other relevant portals on their wikis (including the local "Village pumps", or pages related to Wikimedia community projects). They will also discuss about the future integration of the new wiki in their homepage (to exhibit the linked named and logo for the new wiki in their homepage)

As well we need to define an interwiki prefix. I propose "f:" (like "c:" for Commons, "d:" for Wikidata, "m:" for Meta-Wiki, and "w:" for Wikipedia). This will be needed also for integrating the new Wikifunctions wiki on other Wikimedia wikis.

But this require checking the use of "f:" in local wikis (if it is used for naming local articles: this work was needed in the past for "c:"). Some local pages may need to be renamed, and this requires local talks to decide their new name.

If this causes problems, another candidate is "wf:". (there's no ISO 639-1/2 language code using it; only "WF" is used in ISO 3166-1 for Wallis and Futuna, but ISO 3166-1 region codes are not used for interlanguage links, they are used only in BCP47 as language subtags, after a required 2-letter or 3-letter ISO 639-based language code and an hyphen separator; as far as I know, there's no project to extend ISO 639-1/2 with more 2-letter codes). Another candidate could be "fn:" (as well, there's no ISO 639-1/2 language code using it, but this time there's still no "FN" code in ISO 3166-1 for region codes, so no confusion possible there). All new languages/families are added in ISO 639-3/5 using 3-letter codes (and there are many of them, with frequent additions or splits or reclassifications, so we should not use "wfn:" or other 3-letter prefixes).

The community logo vote part is done and has been wonderfully lead by Nick. Results are here:

There is now a follow-up task, T277713 ,about getting legal review and design refinement, and then to announce the logo.