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Read only time window needed for s1 (enwiki)
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Apr 7 2021, 7:07 AM
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We'd like to request a 30 minutes read-only time window for the following wikis to performance maintenance on their primary database master:

s1: enwiki

Impact: English wikipedia will go read-only for around 30 minutes (hopefully a lot less). Reads will not be impacted
When: Wed 28th April at 05:00 AM UTC

Event Timeline

Since this is just about one single Wikipedia I'm not putting it in Tech News (it's easier to just reach out to that wiki directly, than inform subscribers on all wikis that English Wikipedia will be read-only for a minute or two), but as an early heads-up, I've posted on the technical Village Pump:

I've set up the banner.

Shortly before Wednesday 28th, I'll give another heads-up on the Village Pump.

The switchover was done.
RO starts: 05:00:41
RO stops: 05:01:38

Total RO time: 57 seconds

Thanks for the help!