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Error: Collection contains more than one element
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Error: Collection contains more than one element

at OO.ui.Element.static.unsafeInfuse URL1:289:902
at OO.ui.Element.static.infuse URL1:289:545
at OO.ui.infuse URL1:286:29
at infuseSelectAllToHeader URL1:1:263
at URL1:2:260
at fire URL1:159:198
at fireWith URL1:160:391
at fire URL1:634:436
at URL1:651:1585
at mightThrow URL1:162:141
at resolve/</process< URL1:162:800





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Krinkle updated the task description. (Show Details)

I'm guessing the theory is that, whilst merely one of hundreds of modules loaded in that batch, stands out because from a Codesearch we see that it is only rarely loaded on pages (specifically, Special:GlobalPreferences). And that on that page, this module is the primary JS code that runs and thus the most likely cause of errors if an error happens on that page.

Without a Logstash URL this is hard to confirm or investigate, but since I spent a few minutes doing the same as you already did, I figured I'd at least record it this time, for CommTech's benefit :)*/logstash-2021.04.14?id=jurC0XgBg_6mGHGhgHIz (it's also got a filter on the board per our new convention)

All error URLs point to the special page.

I'm not sure how to follow up on this, can we get more data on this error?

The only data I have is the errors coming in on logstash.

The error message comes from OOjs UI when unsafeInfuse is called (which is called when infuse is called on an empty collection)

According to stack trace infuseSelectAllToHeader is to blame which points to

which means $root.find( '.globalprefs-section-select-all' ) is not matching any elements.

Somebody with knowledge of GlobalPreferences should debug why this is happening to understand and fix this bug (I know nothing about this extension).