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Coordinates out of place on Hungarian Wikipedia
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open an article containing coordinates on huwiki using legacy Vector, e.g. or

Actual result

  1. The coordinates are below the tagline, colliding with the disambiguation line on narrower screens if there’s one, otherwise with the infobox.

Expected result

  1. The coordinates are just below the title, in one line with the tagline. (This is how they looked like last week.)

Further information

The coordinates are absolutely positioned (by Vector.css), and the content’s nearest relative-positioned ancestor seems to have changed, probably by efaf3aadf39f / T279388.

Event Timeline

The issue was reported for new Vector a week ago at T281974: Fix alignment of coordinates and page indicators (Vector 2022), and I dropped a report regarding old Vector there today.

I can't believe that old Vector was intended to be affected, or at least not in the same way, so I don't know if this is worth closing as duplicate.

No, this is not the same: your screenshot shows new Vector. As noted in T281974#7102387, that one is expected. This ticket is about legacy Vector, which is an unintended regression.

As noted in same cause as font size issue

Thanks for fixing it!