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Add lint error for .mw-content-ltr or .mw-content-rtl without dir or lang
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Aug 5 2021, 5:08 PM
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Please add [[Special:LintErrors]] rules to detect pages that have mw-content-ltr and mw-content-rtl divs without supporting dir or lang attributes. See T287701: Review usages of `.mw-content-ltr` and `.mw-content-rtl` for details.

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AntiCompositeNumber renamed this task from mw-content-ltr and mw-content-rtl to Add lint error for .mw-content-ltr or .mw-content-rtl without dir or lang.Aug 8 2021, 9:07 PM
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Is there any necessity in mw-content-ltr/rtl class if dir attribute gets defined? VisualEditor, for example, inserts just plain <span dir="ltr" lang="en"> tags in its markup, without any of these classes. Ideally, editors should do the same.