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[Bug] imposm3 - some OSM features missing on all zoom levels and/or higher zoom levels
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Steps to Reproduce

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Expected Results

All map features defined in osm-bright styles, including buildings, footways, ponds, are present on map tiles.

Actual Results

After recent imposm migration features like buildings and footways are gone.

On the following screenshot, taken on July 22nd, a tile to the right still displayed buildings, footways and a pond, while these features were cut off on newer tiles that surround given tile. Now, as of August 18th, all tiles have been updated and are without these features.

newtile2.png (375×534 px, 35 KB)

Environments Observed

  • production

Testing Environment for QA

  • e.g. beta cluster url

Additional notes

  • This seems to be caused by missing pre-generated vector-tiles

Event Timeline

Pikne added a subscriber: Pikne.

Yes, I suppose it's fixed. It has been back to normal for a while now.