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Introduce "Event" and "Event talk" namespaces
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These will be defined by the CampaignEvents extension; the names will be translatable. The outstanding question is whether we all agree on the name.

Background: In the future, we will have a special page for campaign events. This will be the type of page that all event pages using the registration tool will need to be, and it will also be the type of page that is created by a future event creation tool. The purpose of this ticket to determine the name of this special page.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Determine the name for campaign event special pages

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Note: This is for the event pages, either creating by organizers or a future event creation tool.

I'm thinking CampaignEvents, since Events is really general and there are many non-campaign events that happen in them movement (such as conference, office hours, salons, etc). Before we make a final decision, I would like other opinions, including @fnartey, @IBrazal, @BVershbow_WMF, and @gonyeahialam.

I am talking to @fnartey now, and his preference is to use the generic term "Events." He says this is because, by using "Events," we can sometime in the future capture all the events happening in the Wikimedia movement. They may also want registration, calendar support, and other features we are building. One caveat he says is that it would only work for campaigns at first, but it would later allow us to have the mandate/vision to expand our tools to be more generalized for more movement activity. The con for this approach is that it would create confusion in the beginning (since they will think it covers all events). So, the team would need to explain to people what it means and how it will expand over time.

One thought @ifried has in response is that it may be expanding the scope of the team early on, and we just don't know yet if we will encompass so much in our team (rather than staying focused on campaigns specifically).

In our meeting today, @IBrazal said we should use 'CampaignEvents' because conference events may have different needs and use cases, and we should be explicit about who we are building for.

Also @fnartey asked if we can create a new namespace for events, so we can have things like:

  • Event:Campaign
  • Event: Conference
ldelench_wmf subscribed.

Blocked pending consultation with Community Programs & Technical Decision Forum

We met with the Technical Decision Making Process leads today; they confirmed that we may proceed with the new namespaces without any further review/discussion from them.
@ifried can we call this officially "unblocked," or are we allowing more time for community feedback?

Yes, @ldelench_wmf, it is officially unblocked from a technical perspective. We still need to do community consultation (which is in progress but not complete), but there are no technical blockers, so I think we can consider this unblocked. Thanks!

Just to clarify: this cannot be actioned until the community consultation is over, right?

Change 753471 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daimona Eaytoy; author: Daimona Eaytoy):

[mediawiki/extensions/CampaignEvents@master] Add "Event" namespace

UPDATE: For now, we can call the namespaces Event and Event talk.

More details: We have received some feedback from stakeholders, including: the Technical Decision Forum (see T302040), the WMF Programs team, and some volunteer editors and campaign organizers on the project talk page & in various conversational forums. However, we would like to spend a bit more time (before the V0 release) to confirm the name.

For this reason, there is a chance that:

a) Once we receive more feedback from volunteers and organizers, we will hear that there is a requested alteration of the naming. If this is the case, we will try our very best to do this before the V0 release in late June 2022.
b) Once we receive more feedback from volunteers and organizers, we will learn that there is strong advocacy for allowing event pages to be in other namespaces or other page structures/formats, such as in WikiProjects. If this is the case, we may look into expanding which pages are permitted to be considered event pages for registration, event calendar, and other future features (i..e, a "whitelist") in a later release, such as V2 or later.

In total, for now, this means that the decision has been made and that we will work with the ambassadors to socialize the namespace decision over the next few months (see T304842). Thanks!

Change 753471 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/CampaignEvents@master] Add "Event" namespace

Nothing user-facing to test, so I will mark this as done.