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Cloud VPS "huggle" project Stretch deprecation
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The end of life of Debian Stretch is approaching in 2022 and we need to move to Debian Bullseye (or Buster) before that date.

All instances in the huggle project need to upgrade as soon as possible. Instances not upgraded by 2022-05-01 may be subject to deletion unless prior arrangements for an extended deadline has been approved by the Cloud VPS administration team.

Remaining Debian Stretch instances (live report):

Listed administrators are:

See also:

More info on current project instances is available via openstack browser.


Due Date
Apr 30 2022, 11:59 PM

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These Stretch instances were shutdown on 2022-07-20 as this project had not asked for an extension of the deadline. Today (2022-07-22) I was pinged on IRC because a user noticed that the XMLRCS feed was not functioning and I had fixed it at least once before (T295487). I made the executive decision to bring the back online and perform the manual startup steps for the service.

@komla can we add Huggle to the list of projects needing more time please?

For context @komla, Huggle seems to be abandoned but is also pretty important for antivandalism work on the Wikis. It's worth doing what we can to locate replacement admins if we can -- I had hoped that shutting things down would serve to get some attention from the current admins but that seems not to have worked.

I looked around the xmlrcs instance, it seems rather straightforward, there's a script which reads from eventstreams and pushes into redis, and then a xmlrcsd that listens to redis and what Huggle/wm-bot clients listen to. The source code is at I imagine it would be a few days work to move it over to a new instance, you probably need to know a bit of bash/Linux admin stuff like setting up systemd services.

I've poked Petrb off-wiki, but my impression is that he is not interested or doesn't have time to maintain this anymore (c.f. If people want Huggle to stay alive, I think getting it off of xmlrcs is the best way forward. In theory reverting and switching back to the IRC feed wouldn't be the worst thing in the world... (I will admit, I thought most people had already moved to the in-browser anti-vandalism apps like SWViewer and RedWarn, etc.)

For wm-bot, I think we can let the recentchanges integration die and just reactivate one of the many snitch clones out there (I think "hat_collector" is the popular one right now)

hello, xmlrcs was migrated to xmlrcs2 instance, I kept the old one just in case I forgot anything, but most likely it can be wiped out

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