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Improved Watchlist and revision UI prototype with Codex
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Update the Watchlist and Revision UI to use Codex

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Awhile ago I created an improved Watchlist and revision UI as I was playing with OOUI stuff in Figma. I kind of shared it on the Design mailing list awhile back too, however I just wanted to share what I created as part of a task so that it is more permanent and you can reference it in the future if you want.

Figma design file

Desktop - 1.png (1×1 px, 155 KB)

Desktop - 2.png (1×1 px, 122 KB)

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Thanks! Those look pretty cool; (though some people might dislike the page being less "dense"). I think Pholio (the mock management part of Phabricator) might be more appropriate for this than Maniphest (task management), though.

@RHo this might be interesting for you.

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Thanks for sharing @Tgr - this is a good exploration for when we want to revise the page to use Codex. cc @Volker_E and @bmartinezcalvo

Should the Codex tag be used for tracking projects like this? I didn't realize it would also get added to Design-System-Team's triage queue.