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Make content editing less obvious on Talk Pages
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When testers discovered that they were able to edit content on Talk Pages (not reply to or add a new comment) they were shocked that they had this capability.

"I see you can edit. Which is odd to me because I would think you would only be able to edit a comment if you were the one who wrote it." UT-10

Possible Solution:

  • Hide all editing affordances underneath an overflow menu
  • Remove editing affordances
  • Reduce the prominence of edit affordances within the topic container hierarchy

Event Timeline

Removing inactive assignee. (Please reset assignees of open tasks when offboarding staff.)

This has been done in the mobile version of topic containers, the edit links are now hidden in a menu:

image.png (2×3 px, 233 KB)

Per previous comment, this has been completed, we just forgot to update this task.