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Application Security Review Request : swaggest/json-diff PHP library
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Project Information

Description of the tool/project:
JSON diff/rearrange/patch/pointer library

Description of how the tool will be used at WMF:
Meant to be used to use JSON Patch ( / standard to edit Wikibase items using the upcoming Wikibase REST API.
Of WMF wikis, will be used at Wikidata initially.

No dependencies apart from PHP JSON extension as per project's composer.json

Has this project been reviewed before?

Working test environment

Please link or describe setup process for setting up a test environment.


Name of team responsible for tool/project after deployment and primary contact.


Risk Rating

Event Timeline

sbassett triaged this task as Medium priority.Mon, Nov 21, 9:10 PM

Hello @Reedy @sbassett as we've entered the final month of the quarter I respectfully dare to ask if you happen to be able to estimate whether the review would be likely concluded this quarter still, or would it continue into the first quarter of 2023? Asking to adjust WMDE's plans accordingly. Thanks!