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Ice breakers for online events with large groups on FLOSS platforms Task 1.2
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This is the first task of two for T319310. It is aimed at getting familiar with research and publishing on Meta wiki.

You should register a Wikimedia account if you don't already have one. You can do so at *(NOTE: Do not use full real name or personal data like birthday as a Username)

Read through Meta wiki page WikiProject remote event participation with focus on FLOSS.

Bonus: Register for the project as a participant following the instruction at the top of this segment. Add participation Userbox on your own Meta wiki user page.

If you do not know, learn how to insert and populate content of your User wiki page with basic text styles, lists and simple table in the wiki markup. Consider writing that you new user and learning if that is the case.

Go back to documentation of WikiProject_remote_event_participation again and click the link Group_social_interaction_at_online_events.
If the link there is red then start gathering info and formating it for overview *(as simple text then format as basic table) on at least 3 Ice breakers for online events with medium large groups (more then 20, less than 50 participants) on FLOSS platforms like Jitsi and BBB *(using and linking to sources). If the link is already blue, check content and possible way to improve it. When all is filled in then move on to the next minitask number 2.1 or if that is claimed to the task 2.2.

If you have done some work and have open issues get in touch by sending us a link to your page and documentation page you just made (ideally by chat, email if a must). Once you are happy with your work make sure to register it as a contribution on the Outreachy website (!

We will send you a replies as soon as possible on the talk page for the contribution or in Zulip chat.

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I'm trying to add more two icebreakers to the task but the text above is appearing. Maybe its because I'm adding external links or because I messed up with the Captcha a few times. Can you please help me with that @Zblace ?

If this task requires no more work, please help change its status to resolved. If there is remaining work, moving any pending items to a new task and closing this would be ideal, as Outreachy Round 25 workboard would soon be archived now that the internship is over.