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[SPIKE] Draft scope for CSS-only subset of Codex
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See the epic task (T321351) description for our proposed scope of work.

Acceptance criteria

  • Spike output doc is complete and shared with DST (saved in the description of the epic task)
  • DST has provided feedback and aligned on scope, timeline, owner(s)
  • T321351: [EPIC] Add CSS-only components description has been updated
  • Known subtasks have been added to T321351

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I think the immediate scope of this work should be informed by the needs of the Web Team for their ArticleTools project. That gives us a finite number of components (3-4 I think) and a deadline to work around.

We are also going to need to figure out how to create space on the docs site to document non-Vue components/styles/whatever we end up calling them.

As mentioned in parent task, mediawiki.ui is a good starting point for possible CSS subset:
mediawiki.ui is of concern. Former and current modules:

  • anchor a
  • form
  • label
  • button
  • input[type="text"]
  • input[type="search"]
  • input[type="radio"]
  • input[type="checkbox"]
  • select (limited)
  • icon (debatable)
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Skeleton and ProgressIndicator would be really helpful here

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To keep the scope of the initial work we want to do here small, should we keep everything in the main "codex" package alongside the Vue components? This might cut down on the amount of config-wrangling that has to be done.

We could always bundle a set of CSS or Less-only files on the MediaWiki side (as a ResourceLoader module perhaps) to allow teams to load only these files and not the Vue code.

Per today's planning meeting: I will prepare a presentation about what this work might entail, and then I can present it to the larger team. This is a product-level question we should decide how to approach as a team.

November 28, 2022 Team Discussion
Discussed defining some experiments that help us answer things like:

  • How does this integrate with the design system?
  • How could this impact with the architecture of the design system?
  • How does this integrate with mediawiki?
  • How far in scope does this need to be?
  • What is the cost to build? What is the cost of maintenance?
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@DAbad FYI, we've consolidated our proposed implementation path into the epic task's description (see T321351). Reviewing and finalizing that proposal should be all that is needed before this task can be considered done.

Let's close this with the caveat that our scope may change depending on what kind of feedback we hear from the Web team in a couple weeks - if it changes drastically, we can reflect that in acceptance criteria.