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Accessibility Audit for Watchlist on iOS
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Why are we doing this?

We want to ensure that people who use assistive technologies and accessible type sizes can easily navigate through the Watchlist view, in-article Watch actions and take action on their watclist home

Elements to audit
  • Ensure that screen reader options on the Watchlist List view are clear
  • Ensure that people utilizing a screen reader will know when they can watch an item and that the expiry option popped up
  • Ensure that accessible type sizes for titles, messages, and interactive elements work in the watclist view and article action point
  • Ensure that it is possible to see all watch actions with accessible type sizes enabled


  • Accessible toolbar buttons
  • Accessible cells and modals
  • Fleeting states

@Mazevedo feel free to add what any dependencies for you to complete this work

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Dmantena subscribed.

@Mazevedo With the bulk of Watchlist view work now merged or in PR, this should be ready to pick up next!

Tsevener subscribed.

Please test against TestFlight 7.4.2 (2660).