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Disable storage of Parsoid content in RESTbase
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In order to move Parsoid out of RESTbase, we want to reduce the functionalituy implemented for parsoid in RESTbase. The most relevant functionality is storage and /preganeration of parsoid output. We want to disable this, turning RESTbase into a mere proxy for RESTbase content.

NOTE: The pre-generation in RESTbase mechanism is currently responsible for sending purges to the CDN caches when parsoid content is updated. If we disable storage in RESTbase, this task will have to be replaced by another mechanism. See T365630.

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Presumably the same hooks we use for pregeneration could be preserved, just hollowed out so that they "only" did cache invalidation?

@Ladsgroup: Heads up that this will cause more requests to the parsoid extension endpoints, causing more ParserCache reads. Based on the information in Turnilo, about 100 req/sec. It should cause no additional writes, since we are currently doing active pre-generation on all changes already, including template changes (though PC writes from the parsoid endpoints are disabled on Commons and Wikidata).

Generally okay as long as the reads are cached in WAN as well :P

Heads up I am disabling restbase/cassandra storage for

Change 998992 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jgiannelos; author: Jgiannelos):

[operations/deployment-charts@master] changeprop: Disable restbase/parsoid related rules

Currently the only domain thats using storage is enwiki.

All parsoid traffic on restbase is handled without cassandra storage.

Change 998992 abandoned by Jgiannelos:

[operations/deployment-charts@master] changeprop: Disable restbase/parsoid related rules


Pregeneration is still needed for linting jobs to be triggered

Storage is disabled for quite some time now without complaints. Closing the ticket.