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Delay in creation or editing of translation pages
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

What happens?: Pages for translation units are created (, but the translation subpage is not created (

What should have happened instead?: The translation subpage should be created as well (

Software version (skip for WMF-hosted wikis like Wikipedia):

Other information (browser name/version, screenshots, etc.): Maybe related to T352734

Event Timeline

I don't see a RenderTranslationPageJob for de language: but at the same time I see jobs for other languages such as zh, sv, mk.

I'm refreshing translatable pages on, which dropped tens of thousands of RenderTranslationPageJob into the job queue. Wondering if its related.

Looking at the job was run as part of the initial reqId that initiated at Dec 6th, 2023, at 7:16 AM UTC. This is the same time the edit was made.

I think this is a case of the job queue taking time to run the RenderTranslationPageJob.

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Job lag similar to T318484: a big job execution time which causes unexpected delay between translation editing and them to be visible:
132 minutes between translation unit update and translation page update.

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Looking at the dashboard here: there was a large spike in job backlog which has cleared up now. This was caused due to running of the refresh-translatable-page.php script on MediaWiki as part of the task here: T299308: Add Hide translations to Special:PrefixIndex

I think this should not be an issue anymore but will monitor for any further reports.

Note that we are planning to run the refresh-translatable-page.php script next week for Meta-Wiki which might cause similar issues.

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This does not appear to be an issue anymore.