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Picture of the Day Widget Opens to Featured Article Instead of Picture of the Day
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Picture of the day widget has been opening to featured article for about 2 years now

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 17.1.2; Phone)

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@ARamadan-WMF I slowed down the video and it appeared like the user had a Picture of the day card in their explore feed, but can we check with them to confirm whether they currently have Picture of the day turned on in Settings > Explore feed > Picture of the day? This may help us understand some of the bounds of this problem.

Emailed the user and I will update the ticket when I get their reply.

@Dmantena , check this:
I have nothing turned off

unnamed (6).jpg (1×1 px, 111 KB)

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JTannerWMF subscribed.

We should prioritize this once we get through our current work

Hi all, volunteer here!

I've raised a PR which should hopefully address some of these issues:

Just one observation regarding the video attached to this ticket. The ticket states that the widget is opening on the "Featured Article" but I think this may just be a coincidence. What I think is actually happening it's trying to opening the POTD while a refresh is in progress. Because it's failing to open the POTD, you instead see the app refreshing (scrolling to the top) where the Feature Article happens to be.

Also a couple of notes on how I reproduced this issue:

  • Fresh install of the app (primary language English)
  • Background the app > add POTD widget to home screen
  • Tap the widget (it deeplinks to the POTD gallery view) ✅
  • Settings > My Languages > Add language (e.g. Spanish)
  • Change the primary language (e.g. to Spanish)
  • Close settings > refresh the Explore tab (pull-to-refresh)
  • Background the app > tap POTD widget

Actual behaviour: the app launches but the deeplink does nothing (it actually only works against the original primary language i.e. English) ❌
Expected behaviour: the app should launch and open the POTD image gallery view ✅

Anyway, I hope all this helps - I love your app, btw!