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Talk page - link to discussion page in mobile view
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Author: a.d.bergi

There was a request at [[de:Wikipedia:Verbesserungsvorschläge#Diskussion in mobiler Version]] to provide a talkpage-link. Today the only way to get there is to type the page name into the mobile view's search box, a very unkomfortable way on smartphones.
I'd propose a "discuss"-link next to the "normal-view"-link.

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Talk pages are now being surfaced in the experimental alpha version of the site "Here be dragons mode". Please enable it via (you will need to opt into beta first)

Please give feedback on wikitech / mobile-l [1] mailing list or on the MobileFrontend [2] feedback page to drive the development of this enhancement!


It seems to me this remains a bug until the default mobile front-end provides a link to the talk page from each page. Some readers always check the talk page of a page they care about, particularly for popular or controversial topics such as breaking events.

No need for new experimental design: Talk pages currently render just fine on the mobile frontend. I would just like a link to them so I don't have to URL-hack every time.

See also:

It's on our radar but believe it or not user testing shows that a lot of people are not aware that talk pages even exist.

We are being cautious here to ensure that new users get the best first mobile experience rather than a confusing one which leads them to never click it again. We are close so please be patient! :)

Ok :) For my own use case, I would be content with a link at the bottom of the page for now, next to the link to the history page.

I rediscovered bug:52165 and left more detailed comments there, since this one is closed as fixed.