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[Session] 👋 Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 Opening Ceremony
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The 2024 Hackathon opening ceremony marks the official start of the event. All participants will attend this session.

Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Time: 9:30am - 11:00am EEST / 6:30am - 8:00am UTC

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Streaming Link:

Agenda (Etherpad with agenda and notes)

  • Welcome! (5 min - @Abit)
  • Introduction from Wikimedia Eesti (5 min - Ivo)
  • Logistics introduction (20 min - Organizing Team (@Maryann-Onyinye, @debt, @KHernandez-WMF)
  • Project pitch (50min, facilitation: @siebrand)
  • Closing & next steps (5min, speaker: tbd)

Note Takers: @Quiddity, @Catrope, @Jdforrester-WMF and anyone else that can help!

Etherpad copy for posterity:

👋 Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 Opening Ceremony 👋

Date & time: Friday, May 3rd, 2024 at 9:30 am EEST / 6:30 am UTC

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  • Welcome! (5 min - Amanda)
  • Introduction from Wikimedia Eesti (5 min - Ivo)
  • Logistics introduction (20 min - Organizing Team)
  • Project pitch (50min, facilitation: @siebrand)
  • Closing & next steps (5min, speaker: tbd)


  • Introduction from Wikimedia Eesti, Ivo -
    • Estonia has the most Wikimedians per capita in the world.
    • WMEE founded in 2010. Focused primarily on education. Also on multimedia content and GLAM.
    • Coming together as a crowdsourcing effort has a long history in Estonia; see for example in the 19th Century who gathered folklore from thousands of letters.
    • WMEE is working to develop a geo-tagging tool with WMFI to help people find media and collaborate, maybe as a new Wikimedia sister project.
  • Logistics
    • Welcome, it is good to have all of you here.
    • 98y0tfp3ierqhbznhlxo8/Activism-2024.paper?rlkey=8kghploc61dc1v6hnxdr6mcqh&dl=0
    • Opening and closing sessions are recorded
    • Notes exist for these sessions in the relevant etherpads
    • If you need help, you can visit the help desk located on the first floor outside the ballroom. For those online, please send an email to
    • The T&S team are wearing red bandanas, and those wearing grey shirts (event organizers) can also be talked to for private matters.
    • For random technical topic questions, you might find related folks in the listing at -- Or ask at the Help Desk.
    • Safety: Don't leave your items unattended, they are solely your responsbility. If you see someone on the second floor who does not seem to be a part of the Hackathon then let the help desk or people with the red bandanas know.
    • The first floor that the Hackathon space is on is entirely ours (see map at Sydney is the quiet room.
    • Rooms and times: All rooms on the Hackathon space are open 8:30am - 1:00am Friday and Saturday, Sunday 8:30am to 6pm
    • Group photo on Saturday at lunch time; please wear your Hackathon t-shirt if you can.
    • Sunday dinner will be in a different location, F-Hoone; details to be shared later.
    • Photo policy: Red lanyard = photos NOT ok. Also, do NOT uploda photos of people initimate/embarrasing/awkward/etc circumstances.
  • Trust and Safety
  • Program
    • The list of sessions, and optional social events, that is up to date is on the program page (
    • We would like that people be on time for the group photo at 13:30 on Saturday
    • The Hackathon Showcase will be on Sunday. More details during the next few days.
    • The dinner on Sunday night we be at F-Hoone instead of at the hotel
    • There are a list of projects on the Hackathon Phabricator board which you can choose from
    • This is the space to pitch projects, now, during this opening session:

Project pitches

  • Adam/User:Addshore: Development environment tooling. mwcli, written in go, docker-based development environment, gitlab CLI etc Also here to help for Wikibase, Wikidata and MW core.
  • Anton/User:Tohaomg: Bots, templates using parser functions and Lua modules, scripts/gadgets, vector images, working on a web scraping tool and have a session tomorrow; also AI.
  • Moriel, Larissa, Piotr: MediaWiki Engineering group, organizing the MediaWiki Track, trying to get more people to contribute to MW core. Swag (t-shirt) for people with more than 5 patches contributed to MW core. Curated list of tasks on the MW board ;
  • Wolfgang: Wikidata, SPARQL queries might time out for you. Intend to mitigate by named queries. Work with me!
  • Neslihan: Women in Red pages often lack photo but have a photo in Commons. Want to work on an app to match them up.
  • Michael, Martin: Working on Community Configuration project, allows community admins to change config. Want it to be used in more places. Will do a workshop tomorrow. If you have an extension that would benefit from this ability, come find us.
  • Lucas: Lots of translations of other names of languages in CLDR extension; want to move to TranslateWiki so it's easier to translate ( Also session for juggling and Rubik's cubes ( Also Wikidata and Toolforge!
  • Ollie at WMDE (OutdoorAcorn): Working on Wikibase REST API; want to talk to people who are using the Action API, wants to use the REST API, and understand how we can help.
  • Also see colleagues Ifrah and Silvan.
  • Sam, Susana: Moderator tools team, working on Nuke extension; Was unmaintained for a while, now taking responsibility for it. Writing tests, migrating to Vue+Codex, would love for people to join us -
  • Jelto: Working on GitLab, happy to help out.
  • Andrew Lih: Need help in construction user stories documenting the MW contributor pipeline. Lack of common understanding between contributors and devs cause things to be in disrepair. GLAM Contributor Study Initiative, document key user stories to help drive development and onboarding.
  • Alberto: Need help with metrics tool for Wikisource, classify better PDFs vs. sources.
  • Taavi: Library Upgrader, making it re-use patches rather than give up. Also eslint 9 update.
  • Alex Paskulin: JavaScript documentation, Wikimedia theme for jsdoc. If you use that documentation and want to add new features to it, or want to talk about anything related to documentation, come find me
  • Edward Betts: Tools linking OpenStreetMap maps to Wikidata.
  • Ismael Olea/User:Olea, WMES: Working on local configuration for Wikibase for small GLAM organisations, importning ontologies into Wikibase, and European funding codes.
  • Markus Glaser, BlueSpice: Working on integrating MediaWiki into a chatbot, no general way to present MediaWiki data to LLMs, want to work on an export tool for this.
  • Jon Robson/jdlrobson: 2 big projects: Wikipedia year in review, making that work for other projects; also DarkMode, coming next month. Need help from interface admins, devs, etc.
  • Waldir: Easier interfaces for performing edits to Wikidata and Commons which are cumbersome to do by hand. One is a game-like interface called "Portrait Reframer", to depopulate categories on Commons, moving images to more specific categories. There are two more project ideas; talk to me about easier editing interfaces.
  • Valerio Bozzolan: Updates for - Documentation about free software in use by Wikimedia orgs. Also want to hack on Phabricator.
  • Jonathan, WMDE: Working on Vector database to provide it quicker for LLMs. Work with user research and data formatting so it's correctly available to FLOSS LLM teams.
  • Justin: Designer at WMF. If you need design support for your hacking project, come find me. If you're working on dark mode fixes, I can help. I brought some concepts from the Web team for content discovery features, want to get people's feedback on those.
  • Amir/Ladsgroup: 10th anniversary Hackathon. 5 pages of plans! If you want to make patches to MW core but don't know what to do, happy to give you stuff to do around the database migration work and will review your patches.
  • Hal: Privacy engineer at WMF. Visualizing page view data by country, building a tool for that. Interested in finding labelled SPARQL queries with natural language description of the queries for LLM training purposes.
  • Cole White: Working on MediaWiki Prometheus metrics, libs/stats; Talk to me about Observability, metrics, logs.
  • Dennis Priskorn/user:So9q: Working on Improve moveclaim.js; Improve duplicate userscript to support lexemes also […]
  • Monica, Robert: Wikibase Suite, session at 12
  • TheDJ: Video player! Embeddability, share widget, other things that need fixing. Maybe panorama stuff. Also Mobile/DarkMode/accessibility!
  • Eric Gardner, Wikimedia Design System team: Codex developer, want to make it easy for people to use.
  • Nat WDU (User:Piracalamina) Wikicurricula dashboard, is a visualization of curriculum data and how it relates to Wikipedia as an OER. Aiming to improve UX and build a visualization that allows us to see knowledge gaps in different Wikipedias:
  • Mounir, WMMO user group: putting DarijaBot on Toolforge; also automating categories and articles, making it usable for other small wikis.
  • Dmitry & Maria: Native Android and iOS apps – what's missing, what's working well, what could help?
  • [Intermission: You can have branded/themed hacking tables; notice paper in the help desk; paper tape also available.]
  • Brennen Bearnes, Release Engineering: If you need GitLab namespace, user approval, other advice, come to me. Also let me know if you're interested in learning how to deploy to production. Working on logspam-watch and Phabricator stuff.
  • Kosta, William: Trust & Safety Product team at WMF. In 30 minutes we have an interactive session on anti-abuse work on the wikis in the Atlantic City room. We also have a survey. Want your ideas for what's working well and what can be improved on.
  • Marcel: Working on data set measuring the impact of contributions on Commons, my team released a dataset today. Want to work on dogfooding that, maybe visualize the category graph.
  • Martin Gerlach, Wikimedia research team: Working on models for helping editors ("AI"), presentation about LiftWing tools. Building model to summarise long discussions, need to pull a high quality data set together.
  • Maté: 6th Hackathon. OpenTelemetry output, want to instrument it better, see what's done whilst performing a request.
  • Kaarel, WMF strategy: working on the future of technical decision making, movement charter. Only here until lunch.
  • Sergei/Putnik: Tools to use Wikidata. Want to work on tools to edit Wikidata from Wikipedia result pages.
  • Robert Timm: External GPU so you can models locally.
  • Tom Arrow, WMDE: Helping people port tools from just Wikidata to arbitrary Wikibases. Plus writable RFID tags.
  • Marios Maglodatis: Gathering ideas for an event we're doing in Greece in 2 weeks, how can we help university students beomce familiar with the goal of improving Wikipedia. Interested in how we can improve talk pages.
  • Mel, WMDE-Fisch (WMDE tech wishes): Session at 2pm about browser testing with Cypress. Scraper for interface dumps, run analytics on them e.g. how many references are on pages.
  • Kimmo (Zache) from Finland: Hacking on tool to make replicating image hash on Commons.
  • Bernhard (User:Krabina): MW stakeholders group, representing MW usage outside of the Wikimedia ecosystem. Want to work on Semantic MediaWiki. Have talk about managing structured data in MW, SMW compared to Wikibase. Here in 30 minutes
  • Gergő/tgr, Wikimedia Foundation MediaWiki Platform Team: Authentication systems, JavaScript security, improving CentralAuth/login. Also a better chat system instead of Telegram and IRC.
  • TuukkaH (WMFI): Re-implementation of WikiShootMe as front-end JS app that doesn't need forking.
  • Arlo, Subbu, Wikimedia Foundation Content Transform (Parser) team: wikitext parser, Parsoid, come see us. Also Linter extension and general wikitext markup.
  • Andre/Aklapper: Release Engineering things, CI, Git code review, etc. But most of all Phabricator.
  • Matthew Williams: Designer at Foundation. Design questions or needs. Interested on New Engagement Experiments, looking at editing games.
  • Amir Aharoni/amire80: Can anyone here write Estonian? Want to improve % of extension messages translated in Estonian, currently at 50%. If you write any other language, talk to me too!
  • Mike Peel: Tech governance. Also VR/integration, has Meta Quest headset, pywikibot, etc. Commons/Wikidata integration.
  • Vera/1Veertje: Web tools to add a person to Wikidata, reconcile names in Wikidata. Not well documented so no-one else uses, hope to work on that. and
  • Kevin Payravi (User:SuperHamster): Wikiportraits, taking photos of notable/soon-to-be-notable. Front end for showing galleries, plus minimise publishing efforts to get faster onto Commons.
  • Doğu (Vikipolimer): Wikimedia extension developer, .
  • Afimaame: "Document Your " project, so many tools being built,
  • Nick/ Quiddity: Working on Tech/News for 10+ years, want to know how to improve it. What do you want to see, change, be added, removed? Where else do you look? Etc.
  • Zeljko: Quality and Testing team, come talk to me about Testing, also selenium / webdriver / etc. And chess.
  • Manimara96(?): Tamil Wikimedian, app developer, looking at uploading for Commons and offline e-book reader app. Need support for 2FA and Wikisource Editor.


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