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Watch message group: Improve where notifications redirect
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For T348501: Minimal prototype implementation for watching message groups, the notifications sent out to translators redirect them to the message group for which the notification was delivered, but as mentioned by translators, this is not useful for identifying the new or changed messages. Instead, linking to Recent additions/changes might be more useful.

The motivation behind adding the link to the message group, instead of Recent additions/changes, was that they may no longer contain messages from the message group that the user is interested in.

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Btw, I meant that there should be a ‘Recent additions’ option for every group, not just a link to all recent additions. The latter would indeed be quite useless. But linking to all the messages in the group is also quite useless. There should be an option to display all the messages in the group in the order of their last edit (or something like that).

We could add a recent tab under Special:Translate:

image.png (553×880 px, 53 KB)

Which would display recently updated and changed messages.

A new method would have to be added to the MessageCollection class to load the page_is_new and page_touched field and based on that determine if there are "recent" translations.

A new tab is a good idea, but please make sure to check the fields on the original (i.e. usually English) messages, because if the translation has been created/updated recently, there’s not much point in re-translating it.

Another option would be listing all newly added messages in the notification. This would be nice in email, but I’m not sure if it would work out well on the web, since the space is much more limited there.

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