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Enable WebFonts for am.wiktionary and am.wikiquote
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The sites have a link to [[am:MediaWiki:Can't_see_the_font?]] and I think Narayam would be better.

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We had deployed WebFonts extension in recently as per community request. If there is a community request for Narayam, we can deploy that too. But before that, it is must to get feedback on the Amharic keyboard layout we have in Narayam extension. We marked it in beta status and to move it out of beta, community need to test it in and inform us that it works. And a documentation for the keyboard layout.

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The sites have a link to [[am:MediaWiki:Can't_see_the_font?]] and I think
Narayam would be better.

Hiya Mark. Narayam == input methods, WebFonts == fonts in browser.

You're suggesting we enable WebFonts in:

And this has nothing to do with input methods, right? If you reply quickly, we can add this to the deployment planning for March 5, 18:00 UTC.

Yes, this has nothing to do with input methods. Sorry for the confusion.