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<title> is empty in the Sanskrit Wikipedia
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Pages have no <title> in the Sanskrit Wikipedia, probably because of 1.19 upgrade.

Try here:

I don't see a title in the browser window's title bar, and i see <title></title> after <head> in the HTML source.

It works in other languages i tried, like Hindi, which is written in the same script.

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Seems to work fine whenever we use english for the user interface:

I have deployed change with r113129, seems some cache need a cleanup :-)

Reopening since even after March 6th 20:30 scap, the title is still showing wrongly on . This mean there is either another issue in MediaWiki to fix, or an issue on Wikimedia servers.

For SA:

$ mwscript eval.php sawiki

var_dump( wfMessage( 'pagetitle' )->plain() );

string(0) ""

For EN:
mwscript eval.php enwiki

var_dump( wfMessage( 'pagetitle' )->plain() );

string(37) "$1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

l10nupdate runs every day around 2am UTC and generates a serialized cache file:


Loading it locally with

$ar = unserialize( file_get_contents( 'l10nupdate-sa.cache' ) );
var_dump( $ar['pagetitle'] );

Gives us a nice: string(0) ""

So the cache is faulty :-(

Trying to rebuild cache again.

Seeing the title, Works for me.

(In reply to comment #7)

Seeing the title, Works for me.

Also on ?

(In reply to comment #8)

(In reply to comment #7)

Seeing the title, Works for me.

Also on ?

Yes, also on any page using

I still see empty <title>s everywhere. Not really a code-update-regression, since it is just LocalisationCache or LocalisationUpdate that is again acting up.

commit a613ec85f81b703dd1058eaf1bdc512b81e3c1a3 from March 14th 2012 introduce an empty pagetitle again :-(

+'pagetitle' => '',

Changed it with

Pending review then we will be able to deploy it :-)

I attempted deploying change 5388 this morning but faced an issue with the l10nupdate script which has hit a file permission error.

See bug 36120

Seems Roan fixed the l10nupdate file permissions on April 20th. The issue seems to be solved now when I am browsing sawiki (tested while logged in).