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Advanced edit toolbar doesn't allow changing the width of the editor textbox on Wikisource projects.
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Width cant be changed

Before, we could able to change the width of editor textbox in of page as well as the height.

But now it doesnt allow to change the width. Changing height is still possible.

Note: Experienced this problem in both en.wikisource and ml.wikisouce projects of WMF. The function is working, when I switch off the advanced edit toolbar from the settings.

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beau wrote:

For some reason WikiEditor extension sets "resize: vertical" for textarea. I am not sure whether Proofread extension should simply override this rule for Page namespace. If there are more use cases WikiEdit extension should not set this rule at all.

I have CCed Trevor Parscal as he is one of WikiEditor authors.

It's a wikieditor problem. I move the bug to WikiEditor.

In T38230#411268, beau wrote:

For some reason WikiEditor extension sets "resize: vertical" for textarea.

The attribute was first added to ext.wikiEditor.css on Feb. 15, 2012 and now resides in ext.wikiEditor.toolbar.styles.css

Note: No current version of IE or Opera recognizes the ''resize: '' attribute. In addition, ''resize: '' does not apply to blocks for which the overflow property is set to visible according to css3 specs.

That said, pretty sure there would be no harm done in changing the value for ''resize: '' to both instead of vertical

It sets resize vertical, because before it didn't allow resizing at all. It's only vertical, because it is a 100% wide textarea, and other elements in the UI expect it to be 100% wide. It doesn't really make sense to resize that if the rest of the UI (toolbar etc) doesn't size with it.

Better make that specific to Proofread extension though, since it will be kind of weird in the other 100% width situations.

That's the rub when it comes to the Proofreading extension -- this nuance only matters if the User prefers side-by-side ''view'' over horizontal view.

And I've heard users speak to this in addition to preference -- the is not necessarily widening the textarea field but frequently shrinking width and/or height so that the OCR embedded text dump aligns more with the layout and text found in the thumbnail (making for easier proofreading; supposedly).

The whole thing is kind of screwy because, at least to me, if one wanted to implement side-by-side view with WikiEditor, it should have utilized wikiEditor-ui-left and wikiEditor-ui-right. The way it is now, left hosts everything @ 100% width and right is in effect ''hidden''.

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