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Create the My best KB layout for Gurumukhi Punjabi
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Author: shijualex

My best keyboard layout

The Mybest keyboard layout is requested by some Punjabi users to be enabled in Narayam in Punjabi wikipedia. The details of the keyboard is available in the attachment. I got some details of this keyboard layout from this site

This keyboard layout has the sikh symbol Khanda ( in it (assigned to the > key). Its unicode codepoint is U+262C (☬)

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Severity: enhancement
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Punjabi_KB-my_best.JPG (501×776 px, 112 KB)



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shijualex wrote:

Forgot to mention, the my best KB layout is very similar to the currently enabled Gurumukhi Phonetic KB layout So we might be able to reuse few code.

shijualex wrote:

Any update on this bug?

This is available for testing in albeit with some bugs(which was inherited from Punjabi phonetic layout). If one could give some test cases, it will be helpful.

I see this was removed in

Shiju mentioned when I saw him in Bangalore that he believes this is the most suitable input method for Punjabi. Shiju also sent me some email thread which had some additional feedback in it, but which doesn't seem to be in any public place.

Shiju, could you provide some more detail on why MyBest is important, and what the problems were with the implementation in Narayam?

Since this input method is not present in any other typing schemes(ibus, m17n, xkb, microsoft windows etc), I am doubtful about the popularity of the scheme. currently it is unassigned, but if we can get more documentation and community feedback we will relook into this.

Shiju: As there are doubts how popular this scheme is, could you provide more documentation?

The Mybest keyboard layout is requested by some Punjabi users to be
enabled in Narayam in Punjabi wikipedia.

Is there any link or discussion about this on a Punjabi Village Pump? This would really be helpful to see how strongly this is wanted by the Punjabi community.

Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.

Shiju: For the time being I close this as WONTFIX as there is no indication that this is a common input, and without that the L10N Engineering Team does not plan to put resources into maintaining this layout.
Please reopen this report if you can provide the information asked for in comment 4 and in comment 8. Thanks!