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Video thumbs are not accessible to the visually impaired
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There is no alt for a video. The reason is that HTML5 video says there is no real need for an alternative with the video element, if you have timed text.

But since neither the video nor the Timed Text is reachable with keyboard navigation from a thumbnail in an article, it means it's not accessible at all in our implementation.

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mdale wrote:

We can add an alt of the video title for thumbnails.

Are there any tools within mediaWiki for setting non conflicting tabindex? ... we could then set that for our control bar and trigger various actions on various inputs. tabindex="0"

Actually the latest reports actually advise against the usage of tabindex, since it breaks inline navigation of the content being read. (When tabbing using tabindex, a person will miss the context of the text that is surrounding the element).

So interactable elements should be buttons or <a> targets, or define explicit role's using WAI-ARIA / WCAG 2.0 (as jquery ui does for instance). A user making use of keyboard or assistive navigation will not be able to interact with a <div> and a title. to trigger the 'onclick' event of that div.

(In reply to comment #1)

We can add an alt of the video title for thumbnails.

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Going to I see

<img alt="File:River Rak going underground.ogv"

Not sure about the tabindex part though.
Could somebody clarify?

There indeed is an alt now, but it's still not really a great overall experience.

More work is definetly still needed here, but that goes for all of TMH really.

Not really a Kaltura issue, but the new videojs implementation has a better thumbnail mode for this, it should fix this.

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Kultura player has been completely removed and replaced with Video.js (T100106: Replace Kaltura player with Video.js)

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Mass-Declining all open tasks about the Kaltura audio/video player, as that code is no longer used and has been deleted. See T306971 for more information.