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"you are blocked - don't edit" message similar to "you have new messages"
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A bit like Bug 2044 but not the same: blocked registered users should get a
similar red warning to "you have new messages" telling them that they're bloced,
and should not accidentally try to edit.

So far I wasn't able to find logical reasons against this feature, but if
there's one, I am open to hear about it.

Technical questions another matter, as it may be debated that cache would care
(registered users have different pages anyway), whether lookup is feasible
(autblocking requires that lookup anyway), etc., I listen to them too.

Basic problem is that Wikipedia should not be Evil, and autoblock people because
they accidentally press edit link forgetting that their block is not raised till
the next hour (or even more sucky when they get screwed by Bug 856 ...)

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Severity: enhancement



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grin created this task.Jun 24 2005, 8:38 PM

reverting last change (assignment)

robchur wrote:

What about not irritating users who know they're blocked and can't edit, and
don't want to see a large notice at the top of each page? I'd prefer hiding the
edit tab for users who can't.

grin added a comment.Jan 26 2006, 8:58 AM

I agree with Rob @ #2.

Per Rob's comment, and the filer's agreement with it; I'm closing this bug as

robchur wrote:

I like the idea of a dismissable warning, as proposed by Brion, however.

demon added a comment.Mar 24 2008, 7:32 PM

Created attachment 4756
Removes "Edit this page" if blocked.

The following patch will replace "Edit this page" with "View source" if the user is blocked. Not sure if this is how we want to proceed or not, just going on Rob's comment in #2.


Patch applied in r42281

Reverted in r42282, Splarka reminded me that this will break the static html cache :(

grin added a comment.Oct 21 2008, 8:57 AM

That's why the original report was about registered users only.
I was thinking about playing tricks with css, but it'll break _some_ cache _somewhere_ anyway for anon users.

isBlocked() seems expensive to gratuitously call it on every view by registered users.
Why is it bad to wait until they hit edit?

(In reply to comment #10)

isBlocked() seems expensive to gratuitously call it on every view by registered
Why is it bad to wait until they hit edit?

I feel the same.

*Bulk BZ Change: +Patch to open bugs with patches attached that are missing the keyword*

sumanah wrote:

+reviewed per comment 8

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Geez, that was 11 years ago. :-P