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API unit tests randomly time out, causes spurious failures
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I've noticed that there are spurious phpunit failures. A rebase, triggering a retest, tends to workaround the issue. I've given one that there does not seem to be a bug for. I don't know if there are others.

On the integration server, one example is . The relevant excerpt is:

06:27:05 [exec] There was 1 error:
06:27:05 [exec]
06:27:05 [exec] 1) ApiBlockTest::testBlockingActionWithNoToken with data set #1 ('unblock')
06:27:05 [exec] PHP_Invoker_TimeoutException: Execution aborted after 2 seconds

The relevant change is . There is nothing PHP or API-related in the change.

It looks like the timeout is relatively short, but when it's exceeded, it fails the test. This is disruptive to people working on unrelated code.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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I don't think that it has anything to do with that test in particular. Looking through past tests that failed in mediawiki-core-phpunit-api, it's not always the same one.

These are particularly odd:

The test that failed in those instances does almost nothing, it just asserts that a local variable was set in setUp(). And I note that a number of the mediawiki-core-phpunit-api tests that have failed recently due to timeouts are failing in TestUser::__construct() on line 48.

I'm going to change the component on this to "Unit tests" to get input from people more familiar with that area of the code.

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A rebase, triggering a retest, tends to workaround the issue.

Note that you can just comment 'recheck' to do this as well.

I got sick of waiting, so I just made a changeset to mark all API tests as "medium".

Gerrit change 44685.

Change-Id: I48630736a3d06574876fd1fa3d90899cfbc48012