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AltGr+M doesn't create a µ
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On [[German keyboard layout]] [[AltGr]] + [[M]] generates [[µ]].

When Universal Language Selector is enabled this doesn't work.

Version: master
Severity: normal



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What are exact steps to reproduce this, and your system setup?

Switching to German keyboard layout, logging in on, clicking ULS at the top to get the "Select Language" dialog, and pressing "Alt Gr+m", I get µ in the search field.
Firefox 18.0.2 on Fedora 18.



  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Opera


  • Windows 7 with German keyboard layout

Input box:

  • search box or
  • every other input box with ULS enabled

The input box has a keyboard icon on the right bottom corner. When you open the dialog you get among other things the option: "Disable input method CTRL+M".


Simple patch. Works for me in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera on Windows 7.


prageck wrote:


I tried to reproduce this bug on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10. Pressing AltGr+M gives µ on Ubuntu 12.10 but not on windows 7.

The patch that Fomafix suggested fixes this bug on Windows 7.

I have submitted the patch in

Now that I re-read the bug report, I think that this was already fixed in commit:

Fomafix, can you please re-test it now at

The bug is still present in with Firefox in Windows 7. Even with

if ( !altGr && replacement === input ) {

return true;


OK, got it. I merged it upstream. Will be merged in Gerrit soonish. Thanks for the fix and the clarification.

Can you confirm whether the fix resolve the issue?

Now it works on translatewiki with Firefox on Windows 7 with German keyboard layout.

Thanks for the verification, Fomafix.