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[TUX] Can insert in translation editor from translation helper without translator rights
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As a user without translator rights, it is possible to insert text from the translation helpers, even though the translation editor text area is read-only.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to!translated&action=translate as anonymous user
  2. Click a simple message

I. Translation editor opens
II. Messaging is "You need permission to translate messages."
III. Textarea is read-only.

  1. In the translation helper area, click "Use as translation" below "Beheer" (or whatever is suggested)

IV. String is inserted in editor, which remains read-only.

V. Nothing should happen (or something else, but at least no string insertion in the editor).

One way to fix this would be to update suggestionAdder in ext.translate.editor.helpers.js to check whether the textarea is readonly.



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Going to the URL above without being logged in, I get
"The indicated group does not exist. Select a different message group."

Any other URL where this problem can be tested?

I've updated the URL. The first string "Translate" can be used for step 2.