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jQuery.IME extensions for Firefox and Chrome
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Porting jQuery.IME to Firefox and Chrome extensions. The new extensions should be published following the regular Firefox and Chrome workflows, meeting their criteria and passing their reviews. Another requirement is that it should be easy to update the extensions from the upstream project with minimal manual effort.

Proposed by the Language team at

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Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: gsoc



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grviitr wrote:

Hi, I am applying for Google Summer of Code 2013 with this as my project. I have drafted a proposal for the same on my user page at

I request you to go through it. Suggestions or feedback of any kind are welcomed.

Just confirming that Gaurav has applied to GSoC. Good luck!

Hi, i just applied on Google Summer of Code for this project. The draft proposal added on my user subpage
I would like to discuss regarding this this project. Please help me to find the better ways to complete this project and inform me if i have missed anything there.

Thank you Nasir for your interest in working on this project. Good luck!

Just a note to say that Praveen Singh has submitted a GSoC proposal related to this report: . Good luck!

Just a note to say that Kausal Singh has submitted a GSoC proposal related to this report:

Good luck!

kaushal.singh07 wrote:

Thank a lot Quim Gil for updating here about GSoC proposal here.

kaushal.singh07 wrote:

Resolved and Committed on the Issue 163:Adding Keyboard navigation in jQuery.IME's language selection dropdown list.

Here is the Commit:

Have also sent the pull request.

Sorry for being late. Actually came across an accident but now back to work.

prageck wrote:

I have been selected to work on this bug as my GSoC project. More details can be found on the project page:

Updates and progress regarding the project can be tracked at:

Source code is available on Github:

prageck wrote:


Both Firefox and Chrome extensions were reviewed and published on their respective extension repositories.

Firefox addon:

Chrome extension:

I've written a wrap-up post about this project on my blog here: