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Parsoid provides 200px-width default for sound files, rather than the sound icon at standard size
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See for example; found in Chrome 27 on a Mac. In Safari 6.0.5 it displays differently (a large space appears, rather than a missing icon signifier) but is still broken. Not replicatable in Firefox 21.0/Windows 7.

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It's inserting a thumbnail image at fixed 200px width.

<img resource="./File:Hermann_Müller.ogg" src="" width="200" data-parsoid="{&quot;a&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;./File:Hermann_Müller.ogg&quot;},&quot;sa&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;:File:Hermann Müller.ogg&quot;}}">

This is now fixed in production for Parsoid (and so for VisualEditor). Sorry for the bug!

[Parsoid component reorg by merging JS/General and General. See bug 50685 for more information. Filter bugmail on this comment. parsoidreorg20130704]

Seems to me, this is still buggy !

Have tried the following code at

This gives:
<img resource="./File:La_Marseillaise.ogg" src="//" data-parsoid="{&quot;a&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;./File:La_Marseillaise.ogg&quot;},&quot;sa&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;File:La_Marseillaise.ogg&quot;}}" width="200">

The original bug was rendering of [[:Media:Hermann Müller.ogg]].

The rendering of [[File:Hermann Müller.ogg]]/[[File:La_Marseillaise.ogg]] is a different problem, as that renders as a player in source editor. There are some underlying problems in Parsiod and even the mw API if I am understanding bug 49896 correctly.