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VisualEditor: When dragging content, possible places to place content (e.g. a line before the head of a section, or at the end of the page) should appear when the content gets near
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If you want to move an image to the start of a section in Visual Editor the logical course of action is to drag it to before the first character of the first word of the section.

A user of Firefox 21 reports this does not work at all, in my testing in Firefox 22 it appears to work only occasionally.

The counter-intuitive dragging the image to after the last character of the section title does work.

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There is a similar problem when you try to drag elements to the end of the editable content area - see Bug 54756.

I'm a little confused as to what the request is here - do you feel that VisualEditor should, when dragging, magically create (and destroy) places to put the cursor, so you can drag content there? Assuming this, I've re-titled, but please correct if I've misunderstood.

We've deliberately decided against that in the past as a confusing behaviour, hence why there are all the extra blank lines ("slugs") for the "possible place you could put the cursor which aren't actually there" concept.

We could do this, but I'm not sure. Also, it adds behaviour that is possible using a mouse but not the keyboard (dragging is not done in the keyboard, instead cut/paste is), which is a little uncomfortable given the intent of VisualEditor.

We've considered adding an "outline mode" which would have all the slugs shown, possibly including these ones, and an "editor mode" where no slugs at all would show, which could be one alternative to this request.

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