VisualEditor or Parsoid tried to convert slash-separate numbers into <a href=tel:> and refused to save
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An anonymous editor at en.wp reports:
"I was attempting to correct a minor error at [[Class 455]]. Although I was only attempting to change one word, the editor changed, common with the Classes 313 / 314 / 315 / 507 / 508 units."


:<nowiki> common with the Classes <a href=tel:313 / 314 / 315">313 / 314 / 315</a> / 507 / 508 units.</nowiki>

and then complains of a formatting error and refuses to allow the change to be saved. The editor seems to be interpreting the list of class numbers as a telephone number."

I have been unable to reproduce this using Firefox 22 on Linux, including editing the article in question.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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bzimport set Reference to bz51959.

This may be a VE issue if you are seeing a-href showing up in wikitext on serialization.

This is almost certainly due to a browser plugin that thinks it's being "helpful". Certainly, nothing in VisualEditor or Parsoid understand href=tel: links, so it's not going to come from us. I also can't reproduce locally in Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Marking as INVALID (but we are seeing a small number of these consistent due to people having broken plugins; we're investigating whether there's a way to stop them).

Just for reference, the original reporter subsequently noted that they use Ipad IOS6 with Safari

TheDJ added a comment.Jul 24 2013, 6:33 PM

This might be default behavior in the Safari iOS contenteditable. In that case we probably need to file a bugreport upstream.

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