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VisualEditor: [Regression] Save dialog sometimes attaches to context menu toolbar instead of platform toolbar
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Since the VE update tonight the save dialog is half out of the screen on FF 23/Win7, but sometimes only.

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Severity: critical
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There is a lot of discussion about this at including two screenshots: [[File:VE save form off screen.png]] and [[File:VE misplaced save box.jpg]]

From my testing it seems that if an element is selected (picture, link, template) when you click save then the dialog aligns itself to the top right of that element, regardless of whether there is space on screen for it, with scroll bars if there isn't sufficient vertical space in the window to show the whole dialog. If you close the dialog, deselect the element then open the save box again it appears in the same place, only based on what that element is in the view now. If you close and select a different element then save, it relates to that element. If you have not selected any elements during your edit it appears overthe save button.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit a page in VE
  2. Make a change to the page (doesn't matter what)
  3. Click on an element (link, image, template) near the lower left edge of the window.
  4. Click the save button in the top right.


Removing the link to bug 49969 - the save dialog isn't (yet) an actual dialog, so that would have no effect.

Adding a link to bug 52326 which is possibly caused by the same

Change 76935 had a related patch set uploaded by Krinkle:
ve.ui.Toolbar: Emit position event on toolbar instead of surface

Basically it attaches to whichever toolbar is positioned last. So if you click on a link, and then open the save dialog, it pops up there. If you then scroll down (which updates position of platform toolbar), it moves to that one.

I have a report of this sort of problem with a misplaced save dialog box appearing in the lower left corner. The editor is running Linux Mint 14 and Firefox 18.0.2. See and for his screenshots.

The original problem description can be found at Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Opinie#b.C5.82.C4.99dnie_wy.C5.9Bwietlaj.C4.85ce_si.C4.99_okno_opisu_zmian

Whatamidoing's link is to the Polish Wikipedia:

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Change 76935 merged by jenkins-bot:
ve.ui.Toolbar: Emit position event on toolbar instead of surface

This is fixed and being pushed live right now.

  • Bug 52328 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***