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Image history is confusing
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Author: taw

It seems that many people are confused by having 2 different image history pages – one for history of uploads (on image's page), and other for changes in image's description (on image's history page). Why it follows the way it's actually implemented, it's very unintuitive, and gets a lot of people confused. The automatic description change on upload makes the confusion even worse (both histories shows 1 entry on typical images, so people may reasonably think they show the same thing).

The solution is of course to display history of both uploads and description changes in the image's history.



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chris.mckenna wrote:

A way to reduce (but not remove) the confusion with image upload histories is to
allow a comment when reverting to a previous version, it could be many reasons
(e.g. vandalism, uploaded to the wrong name, etc) but they all show the same

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Both fixed for quite some time.

Reopening the bug, since the double history (page history and file history) is still confusing. The file history should be removed from the file description page and perhaps merged with the page history.

I'm not sure how a combined history would work, since they *are* separate histories of two distinct entities...

Is this still something people would be interested in designing? Otherwise I'm inclined to close it out as inactionable.