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run i18n message checks in Jenkins
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We should automate some of the checks that people perform during i18n review of our code.

Below I've included one by Erik Bernhardson that checks for missing i18n documentation.[2] The maintenance/language directory has several check* scripts[1]; I couldn't get its checkExtension.php to run, it references a $wgTranslateAC that was removed from extension Translate in 4651bd97f.


[2] This is in the form of a git hook but I hope it's straightforward to turn it into a Jenkins job. (Its assumption that MyExtension has a MyExtension.i18n.php file is true for 150 of the 180 extensions I have locally.)

In .git/hooks/pre-review put the following:

#!/usr/bin/env php

// This file must have the executable flag set to work as a hook

// A hooks path is always /path/to/repo/.git/hooks/hook-name
$repo = dirname( dirname( dirname( realpath( $argv[0] ) ) ) );

include "$repo/Flow.i18n.php";

$missing = array_diff( array_keys( $messages['en'] ), array_keys( $messages['qqq'] ) );
if ( $missing ) {
        echo "Missing i18n messages:\n\t" . implode( "\n\t", $missing ) . "\n";
        exit( 1 );

chmod +x the new file.

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Also note that sometimes an extension will have multiple i18n files. Eg: Translate

I did something like that with it is failing though. Feel free to take over that patch or fix it up.

Bug 61509 was requesting such feature for mediawiki core and it has been fixed (via a grunt task invoking "banana" checker).

For the other repositories we need to integrate the javascript banana checker and write the appropriate Jenkins jobs, that is bug 64045.

Making this bug a tracking bug and setting appropriate blockers.

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