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TimedMediaHandler should not add start-up scripts
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Without TimedMediaHandler / MWEmbedSupport, the set of modules that loads in <head> (blocking the appearance of content) is limited to the core 'mediawiki' module and jQuery. With TimedMediaHandler / MWEmbedSupport, the modules "mw.MwEmbedSupport", "Spinner", "jquery.loadingSpinner", "jquery.triggerQueueCallback", and "jquery.mwEmbedUtil" are loaded as well.

The only reason I could discover for loading these scripts in <head> is to be able to insert HTML5 element shivs for IE<9.

  • These scripts shouldn't load at all on pages that do not contain timed media.
  • When they do load, they should be loaded in the bottom queue, like ordinary modules.
  • If the HTML5 shiv is necessary, it should be moved to a separate module which contains nothing extraneous and which is loaded only on the pages that need it.

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I have some work in the following patches, but I'm sort of 'stuck' with upstream...

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Fixed with the mentioned patches, now merged.