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marking a new version does not refresh the status/statistics of translated pages
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When a source page, that already has existing translations, gets modified and then marked by a Translation administrator to incorporate changes, the individual resources are processed to find those that may become fuzzy and would be needing changes.

However the translation status and statistics (number of translatle items completed in that page) if not updated at all, and none of the translated pages are refreshed.

There should exist a programmed task to regenerate these pages, or if this is not done (because the result could be a strange mix), at least the status and completion statistics should be updated.

An example is the translation of Tech news on Meta, which is created in a fast process which frequently requires several updates while translations have already started to be created. We find then som intermediate versions that were completed 100% in a prior version, but left at 100% (also with their "Ready" or "Published" status) when they should go to a lower completion score (also with a status changed back to "needing update" if there's some fuzzy item, or missing item).

Current work around:

After a translation admin marks a new version to translate, it should review the existing list of languages, one by one, to perform at least one null-edit in one existing item; or by looking for an item which can be relaiably translated from the translation memory with 100% match (e.g. frequently reused items like headings, such as "See also" or common Wikimedia project names used in lots of translated resources, or common UI elements like "Save" buttons).

To perform a null edit: select the item to edit it, press the END key or click at end of string, press SPACE, press BACKSPACE to remove that SPACE. Then save the item unchanged. This is enough for the Translate extension to refresh the translated page and its status, without even making any change.

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Why this is important to correct:

I fear that lots of pages that were fully translated a long time ago, will continue to be read by users as being 100% complete. Most users won't see that the page needs some updated or is fuzzy, so they won't even look at the translation source.

They will also not participate to recomplete the translations as they should. And notably not the newer visitors that have still not monitored the page.

Even the users that have participated to the translation of several pages in the past, won't be notified that the page needs some work to be updated (for examle when the page contains new untranslated items created when the source page is marked for translation.

I suspect that statistics of translations (for example on Meta) do not reflect the reality and are too much optimistic, for all pages that have been marked with a newer revision.

This bug report is unclear. What exactly is out of date?

  • Language bar at top of the translated or translation page? Which one exactly?
  • Translation page itself?
  • Special:(Language|MessageGroup)Stats
  • Special:Translate

In addition I would like confirmation that this bug is still happening and that it is separate from the "last change not visible on the translation page" bug.