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[DO NOT USE] [tracking] OSM on Labs [superseded by #Maps]
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From (probably needs to be split up a bit)


  • A Postgresql-server for OSM.
  • access to OSM database -> db server with 600 GB of solid state disk space
  • a few terabytes of diskspace to save the rendered map tiles (more or less the same space needed now on the toolserver -> how much is this?)
  • user databases
  • Render-server with enough space to host several layouts.
  • We have special projects on toolserver like [ WIWOSM] that combine Wikipedia- and OSM-data in one script. This is only possible if a script can connect to both databases. Without such an feature we will lose this service in Wikipedia. --[[User:Kolossos|Kolossos]] 18:02, 1 February 2013 (UTC)
  • Other users created tools for translating places or to maintain street-lists. --[[User:Kolossos|Kolossos]] 19:12, 14 February 2013 (UTC)

"OSM is being added to WMF production. We'll have a test/dev version of OSM in Labs, but we have no plans on having a quasi-production like version of OSM in Labs." -- Ryan Lane, 20 December 2012

"The plan is to clean up the styles and tools that are no longer maintained/needed, to move about 10 styles and 5 tools to Labs, to move one style to production." -- Silke (WMDE), 6 April 2013

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Discussion points:

  • will the database server be fast enough / What does it need to be fast enough?
  • Will rendering work in a VM? (Is this the plan to do it in a VM?)
  • definitions use of terms, avoid misunderstandings about what is "production" and what the Labs part is supposed to do. Please be as explicit as possible.

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OSM is being added to WMF production. [...]

What's the status of this?

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(In reply to comment #0)

OSM is being added to WMF production. [...]

What's the status of this?

See bug #33980, [[wikitech:OSM Tileserver#Extended State of Things - 2013-11-27]] and [[wikitech:OSM Tileserver#Comments]]. My latest information is some mail discussion about a week ago by Tomasz Finc: "ErikM has asked me to rethink our approach to OSM and focus on the TS users that are using OSM as the main use case." I'm not aware of any fleshed out proposal or ETA, and I don't expect much work to be done in the next few days :-).

This task has no blocking tasks left - what is left to do here?
Also note the #OpenStreetMap project created in T92562 - is this related? Or not?

No point in this task. Closing. If there are issues, simply add them with the Maps hashtag

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