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Activate Extension:DeleteBatch and Extension:UndeleteBatch on Wikimedia Commons
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Please activate [[mw:Extension:DeleteBatch]] and [[mw:Extension:UndeleteBatch]] on Wikimedia Commons. The topic was discussed and there was a consensus on the subject (see ).

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 2:27 AM
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Neither of these extensions are currently deployed, or reviewed for deployment on Wikimedia wikis

Undeletebatch is also only on github, and looks to be essentially a copy paste of DeleteBatch - Not good for maintainability

I agree, the implementation kinda sucked, but it was a quick-and-dirty solution for undoing some ill-advised batch deletions on my third party wikis. I didn't feel like going through the code review process for getting changes merged to DeleteBatch, since then the code would actually have to conform to "standards" and "conventions" and be of high "quality" (my fingers are getting tired from all these air quotes).

But if someone else wants to take inspiration from what I did and add undelete functionality to DeleteBatch, that would probably be an excellent idea. I just figured, what I created is better than nothing, for those who immediately needed to undelete a bunch of stuff. Bug 59796 might be considered a blocker for the second half of this bug.

DeleteBatch should use HTMLForm instead of trying to create its own implementation.

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Do we still need this? The first extension was maintained by a Wikia user that has no respond for more than 3 years, and the another is maintained by a now WMF globally banned user.

I do not think we need those particular extensions, but batch delete and undelete capability would be great. It took me once most of the day to undelete couple hundred pages from multi thousand page encyclopedia, which was incorectly deleted by some robo-admin who refused to fix their mess.

One way: be a robo-admin yourself. This is how I dealt with INC's mass
deleting spree before he left.

That would require, writing my own tools (I assume). A while ago I dabbled in Pywikibot but those days I find it more time efficient to use AutoWikiBrouwser (+AWB modules) and other mass edit tools like QuickStatements on Wikidata. None of those would be of any use for undeletions. Also for automatic edits you need bot flag and for undeletions you need admin flag, and we have only 2 officially sanctioned bot-admins (CommonsMaintenanceBot and KrinkleBot).

For emergency clean ups I would say it would make sense to override the
bot-flag requirement. You are checking every undeletion you make anyways.
It makes little difference, imo, whether the list of pages is given to a
client script (bot) or a mediawiki extension.