VisualEditor: Adding a template and removing a non-breaking space (nbsp) causes span tags with data-ve-ignore
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Add a template and remove a non-breaking space ( ) in the same line/paragraph

Steps to Reproduce:
(Order matters!)

  1. Begin with a page that contains the HTML code for a non-breaking space. Open in VisualEditor.
  1. On the line that contains the nbsp, add a template (e.g., {{fact}}). The template should be added to the same 'word' that contains the nbsp.
  1. Then remove the nbsp (replace with a plain space, or just delete the whole 'word').

Actual Results:
VisualEditor added span text like <span about="g0.42287685585435686" data-ve-ignore="true"></span> when the nbsp was removed.

Adding a fact template to the end of:

1&nbsp;mg 2&nbsp;mg 3&nbsp;mg 4&nbsp;mg

turns into:

1&nbsp;mg 2&nbsp;mg 3&nbsp;mg 4 mg{{Fact}}<span data-ve-ignore="true" about="g0.5170239245053381"></span>

However, adding the template to "3 mg" and deleting the nbsp from "2 mg" works correctly:

1&nbsp;mg 2 mg 3&nbsp;mg{{Fact}} 4&nbsp;mg

Reproducible: Always

See and testing at on 23 January 2014 for many more details.

Found in Firefox 26 on Windows 7 with Monobook, confirmed in Safari 6 on Mac OS 10.8.5 with Vector.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
See Also:

bzimport set Reference to bz60375.
Whatamidoing-WMF created this task.Via LegacyJan 23 2014, 7:50 PM
Whatamidoing-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitJan 24 2014, 4:31 PM

This also appears if you add any template after a {{convert}} template, and then remove the {{convert}} template.

If there are multiple nbsp's on the same line, them it is only the removal of the nbsp that is immediately before the template that appears to trigger it.

Esanders added a comment.Via ConduitFeb 5 2014, 8:52 PM

Probably a duplicate of bug 60897

See if the fix there resolves this.

Jdforrester-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitFeb 6 2014, 6:42 AM

From following WhatAmIDoing's instructions, I can replicate in enwiki and it's fixed in Beta Labs; marking as FIXED.

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