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"Cite this page" sidebar link should always be next to "Printable version", e.g. under "Print/export" where available
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Current English Wikipedia sidebar:


What links here
Related changes
Upload file
Special pages
Permanent link
Page information
Data item
Cite this page


Create a book
Download as PDF
Printable version

Doesn't make any sense. "Cite this page" is a reading-oriented feature, but comes after all editing-oriented features. Moreover, it's separate from the printable version which is obviously related (features for reusing).

The "Print/export" box is added by the Collection extension, I think, so there are some interactions to figure out, but it shouldn't be too hard to move "Cite this page" in it.

Alternatively, in the spirit of bug 3575 I suppose this link could be moved to footer as well (personally I'm not that convinced but if bug 3575 is fixed it would be consistent).

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Move "Cite this page" under Print/Export where available


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This is not a bug recommended for a new contributor. Defining the list ordering in the sidebar is something I don't think even the most experienced editors have a simple and easy to guess answer for. This is not something currently supported by the software.

A workaround could be invented within the CiteThisPage extension and that will be a more difficult patch.

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