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Title autocompletion should also match display title and show it
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As a reader of a multilingual wiki looking for a page in my language, whose title has been translated via the Translate extension, I want to type in the search bar in my language and be autocompleted in my language, till I reach the page whose display title is what I'm looking for.

Example: page title Help:Navigation/it, display title Aiuto:Navigazione.
I type Aiuto:N, I want to see Aiuto:Navigazione in autocompletion and be brought to the actual page.

Problem reported by an institutional user of MediaWiki:

trying to create a multilingual
mediawiki for the * Archive at the University of *.
We're trying to constitute a international collaboration network for this
big *. [...]
also entries already
translated are displayed in the search bar as the original word with
/languagecode - how can that be changed.

Note, I don't give for granted that users/wikis actually want to translate page titles (and especially namespace names within them), because often they don't; but when they do it makes sense to actually use those translations.

I hope that this will be easier than categories, because it doesn't involve parsing.

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Makes sense to me. Institutional MediaWiki users might not want to install Cirrus, but, hey, I like the idea and giving people more reasons to install Cirrus doesn't hurt either.

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This is in the same vein as bug 63975, just about search suggestions instead of results. My comments there on implementation are the same as here.

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