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Review and deploy PubSubHubbubExtension
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  1. Create Extension: page for developers and people who will install or configure the extension.
  2. Get the extension code in [[Gerrit]].
  3. Request (and respond to) a Design Review if applicable.
    1. Not applicable, I assume

Not done/In-progress

  1. Create Help:Extension: page for the end user documentation. Cross-link it with the above.
    1. redlink:
  2. Request a component in [[Bugzilla]].
    1. don't see one
  3. Request (and respond to) a performance review
    1. bug 67117
  4. Request (and respond to) a security review
    1. bug 67118


  1. Request (and respond to) a product review, if applicable
    1. Applicable?
  2. Show community support/desire for the extension to be deployed, if applicable.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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CF bug 38970

(In reply to Sam Reed (reedy) from comment #6)

This seems to be essentially re-inventing $wgRCFeeds (and related classes
etc). Why?

Do we need a frontend at WMF?

Also, if not, it needs proxy support to contact remote servers...