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Make {{#translation}} help with transclusion of templates in correct language
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Currently, this function is worked for currrent page only:
called as {{#translation:}} and is returned "/code", if page is translation, or empty string otherwise.

Proposed update for ability to using this function for specified target page, as {{#translation:pagename}} or {{#translation:namespace:pagename}}.

This will be useful for eliminate widely used templates {{ifTranslation}}/{{ifNotTranslation}}, {{TNT}}/{{TNTN}} and {{Ll}}.

Taret result for my proposal:

  1. if current page is translation, and {{#translation:}} is returned "/code", then {{#translation:pagename}} should be return "pagename/code" (if this page is exist) or "pagename" otherwise;
  1. if current page is _not_ a translation, and {{#translation:}} is returned empty result, {{#translation:pagename}} should be return "pagename"

Note: maybe this should be separate magic word, as '#tlink' or '#tl' (or simple create these short aliases for this function)?

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
See also: T47096: Add a way to transclude template or other page in the correct language of which this is one proposed solution



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Can you explain me how exactly could the templates be replaced with this magic word?

For TNT, would it work like this:
If I am on page, Foo/fi would {{#translation:Template}} return Template/fi if that page exists and Template otherwise? Then you would call it as {{{{#translation:Template}}}}.

What about the other templates? I'm not familiar with what they do.

Yes; explanations:

{{TNT|Template}} > {{ {{#translation:Template}} }}

{{TNTN|Template}} > {{#translation:Template}} (currently, these same, but without transcluding)

{{Ll}} will receive the code more simple, by eliminating calls {{tntn}} (see )

{{ifTranslation}}/{{ifNotTranslation}} - they are nothing to do with, I was mistaken ;) But they used Module:Template_translation (see - maybe it's code also possible to simplify (if this feature has available through API)?

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Since this is basically asking for the same thing as T47096, I am merging it and considering this solution.