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Purge is required to edit some page as unregistered user
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0) Set $wgMFAnonymousEditing = true;

  1. Visit a random page on, using the "random" button, as unregistered user
  2. Click one of the unlocked pencil icons

I. Observed the pre-pre-screen (bug 72852) is shown but I have no option to proceed without logging in.

  1. Purge the page with action=purge

II. Observed: now it works.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

I think this is a cache problem (action=purge helps -> cache problem). I think we have to wait for bug 72856 to be resolved.

This the report about the problem in general, bug 72856 is the report about the same problem on only.

I'm confused what is the bug here? Isn't this the correct behaviour or are you saying the purge action wasn't doing that? Anonymous editing changes the HTML markup so it will need a cache purge.

(In reply to Jon from comment #4)

Anonymous editing changes the
HTML markup

So that's the bug (from my point of view).

Nothing actionable here. Sometimes HTML changes are needed. Usually when we make HTML changes we are careful to add JavaScript to get round caching problems. Since problem is solved for there is no bug here. (FYI if you want to do this on any other wikis in future please let me know - we could have completely avoided the cache flush on it wiki with some Common.js).